Saving doesn’t have to hurt. While many people think of savings as deprivation, saving more of your money can be simple, especially if you try:

Automatic withdrawals. Many banks will automatically withdraw a specific amount from your account each month into a savings account or emergency fund. You can’t spend the money or miss it because it is already gone. Some banks even let you round up your debit card purchases and put the difference in a savings account.

Change. Put all your small change at the end of the day into a container. Once a week or once a month, take your change to the bank and put it in a savings account. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year this way and not feel deprived at all.

Saving your bonuses. Consider saving your work bonuses and income tax returns. This is “extra” money and therefore not money you are likely to miss.

Paying down a debt and put the savings into your savings. Pay down one of your personal loans or debts and determine how much you were paying on the debt each month. Put the same amount into a savings account each month.…